Facebook Connect WordPress Plugin 0.9.7

Ya podéis descargar la versión 0.9.7 del plugin para integrar Facebook con WordPress.

Descargar Facebook Connector 0.9.7

Principales cambios de esta versión:

  • Algunos cambios JavaScript para controlar la recarga infinita en el login
  • Cambios en CSS para solucionar problemas con Google Chrome y Temas WP

Change log:

  • Some changes to solve the infinite reload problem
  • CSS changes for Google Chrome, and other themes

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12 pensamientos en “Facebook Connect WordPress Plugin 0.9.7

  1. Under the «user profile» there’s some text that’s in Spanish – which is logical as it’s the primary language of your site, but not mine – and I can’t seem to find it in the code…

    Please help.

    PS – this is such a great plug-in!

  2. I have an Revolution theme by iThemes and I’m not seeing the Facebook button. I have added the additional header code you supplied to my header. It’s still not working. Do you have any other ideas that might help me?

    Version: WP 2.6

  3. Also, URLs starting with «www.connect.facebook» do not work — I’m not sure if they did before, but they don’t now. This means all URL links from post comments are linked to 404 pages, as well as everyone’s URL in the WordPress database is incorrect (until Facebook recognizes that domain and redirects properly).

  4. Javier,

    I still have the reloading problems.

    1.) I log in to the site.
    2.) I log out of the site.
    3.) I try to log back in and it constantly refreshes until I open a new tab and log in to the WordPress admin area. Then it seems to stop and recognize that I’m logged in again.