Facebook Connect WordPress Plugin 0.9.9

Ya podéis descargar la versión 0.9.9 del plugin para integrar Facebook con WordPress.

Descargar Facebook Connector 0.9.9

Principales cambios de esta versión:

  • Solucionados algunos problemas de validación w3.org (Thanks to Axel from my-guides.net)
  • Nuevos cambios para controlar la recarga infinita
  • Eliminado la carga del sidebar en las páginas de comunidad y perfil, para evitar problemas con algunos temas.

Change log:

  • Fixed some w3.org validation errors (Thanks to Axel from my-guides.net)
  • More changes to solve the infinite reload problem
  • Removed sidebar import to avoid problems with some themes

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25 pensamientos en “Facebook Connect WordPress Plugin 0.9.9

  1. Hello Sir I have installed FB Connect plugin sucessfully.It works fine.I login thru facebook using facebook username and password it ok.But In Case Of Moziila Firfox i login ,when i post a comment on some post it show «Please fill the Required fieald name and email» Even i am login.

    This is happen for Mozilla Firfox and Chrome.In case of IE it works fine.

    Please Help me….

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  3. Hola Miguel,
    el problema:
    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class Facebook in /home/zonasvip/public_html/wp-content/plugins/fbconnect/facebook-client/facebook.php on line 37

    entiendo que se produce por tener otro plugin que ya importa las librerías de Facebook. En la próxima versión del plugin (que liberaré en breve) he controlado este tema, para que no se vuelvan a cargar, pero puede originar algún conflicto de otro tipo.

  4. i connected to site via fb connect and it created a new wp user based on my fb profile.

    i clicked edit profile and changed:

    Yahoo IM
    Jabber / Google Talk


    Biographical Info

    and these do not show up when viewing the profile.

    any ideas appreciated! thank you!

  5. thank you SO much for your reply.

    for others who may need further explanation:

    go to your cPanel or alternative.
    go to phpMyAdmin
    go to your wordpress database
    find ‘wp_users’ and cick the ‘browse’ icon
    click the ‘edit’ icon next to your admin account
    find the ‘fbconnect_userid’ field and remove your fb id number from there

    thanks again Javier!

    ps do you need to remove the content of the ‘fbconnect_lastlogin’ field?

  6. Hi,
    if you are logged with a WordPress acount and then use Facebook Connect Login, the plugin don’t create a new account and join the current WordPress user with the Facebook user.

    If you want to remove the Wordpres admin association with your Facebook user, you need to clean the field fbconnect_userid from table wp_users, for the admin user.

  7. hi, i hope someone can reply….

    when i sign in with facebook connect my profile is associated with the wordpress admin account.

    how can i sign in with facebook connect and make it create a new wordpress user based on my fb profile?

    is that what it is meant to do?

    any help really appreciated please!

    thank you!