Facebook Connect WordPress Plugin 2.5.1 Beta

Facebook Connect WordPress Plugin 2.5.1 Beta 1 new features:

  • New send comments to Facebook (OpenStream API)
  • Select main site logo/image, for comments
  • Select main post image, for comments
  • Facebook fan page widget
  • Last friends widget
  • Last visits widget
  • Add facebook share button/counter
  • Add facebook login to comments
  • Request and store Facebook user email
  • Custom profile/registration form
  • Facebook CommentsBox

Download the beta version here (V.2.5.1)

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24 pensamientos en “Facebook Connect WordPress Plugin 2.5.1 Beta

  1. Nice idea with the plugin, so why the heck ruin it by requiring that people fan your page. I now know why your plugin is not listed on the wordpress.org plugin directory. Perhaps reading Mark Jaquith, Lead WordPress Developers post here will help you understand this.


    Second, even if I fan you, and reload, your site won’t let me download and use your plugin, so I am outa here…

    • Hi,
      the people of WordPress don’t removed the plugin from the directory, I haven’t published it.
      You can make unfan easily, I think this is a very low price for the download.
      You can download the version 1 of the plugin (stable release), and don’t need to be a fan of Sociable.
      I will send you a direct link for the download, sorry for the problems.

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