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  1. Hi there,

    I have one friend who clicked the «Connect with Facebook» button, which now allows him to «Like» posts. However, he is not showing on the Community List, Visitors list, etc. He is also not showing on the users list in the wp-admin panel.

    On my facebook sidebar, it says «(My Name), (his name), and 20 friends have connected to (my site name).» But when I open the friends list, it’s showing only 12 friends. His name is not there. So it seems it’s happened to the others as well.

    How can this be fixed? Thanks in advance!

  2. a) when I installed this and tested it, I entered in the App ID, App Key, and App Secret of an app created specifically for my site – yet clicking the FB Connect button goes to an error page where it’s looking for an entirely different app based on a fan page I set up THAT HAS NO APP ASSOCIATED WITH IT and uses an entirely different ID, Key, and Secret.

    WTF??? How could that happen at all? What is the point in entering an app ID, Key, and Secret if it’s just going to be ignored and people get directed to another app entirely?

    b) 1/2 your site shows up in English, 1/2 in Spanish – and on the same page. And I don’t even speak spanish. Isn’t there an option to be able to read a single article entirely in English instead of the languages flipping back & forth?

  3. Hola!
    Lo primero gracias por el plugin, pero el boton para conectarse y dejar un comentario no sale en Internet explorer, al menos en el 7. Solo pone Acceder con Facebook….. y tampco funciona la caja de fans, directamente no aparece.

    驴Que puedo hacer?

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  5. First of all, WordPress is an application for MySQL and PHP. Many sites, which are to provide a large amount of data traffic and take advantage of PHP and MySQL properly store their data. If you use wordpress, you may be aware that every time you post or create pages, this information is usually stored in a database. There are plenty of WordPress plugins that can help properly back up the database, if any unforeseen catastrophe, but does not prevent you take precautions to safeguard website or blog by hackers.

    It is important to note that WordPress really try and update as soon as they notice any short coming, but it has not prevented some holes in the education of their ugly heads. Cyber-criminals have a reputation for performance in order to break some environments, even assuming the safest online, including WordPress. Next, note that even after installing plugins wordpress security to your site or blog will still be in danger of being taken hostage by online thieves. It is true that you can protect your blog or website brute force attacks of password of your admin area WP, but this is generally not prevent uninvited guests from entering your server via FTP or protect your entire database. It is your prerogative to ensure that your website or blog wordpress is fully protected and no angle is an open question.

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